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Introduction to Dedicated Servers for Pixel Streaming

Arcane Mirage offers dedicated servers for pixel streaming, providing a reliable and high-performance alternative to our on-demand service. With dedicated servers, machines are pre-allocated and ready to use, ensuring immediate availability and significantly faster load times compared to the on-demand service, where machines are turned on as users join, resulting in slower loading times.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

  • Immediate Availability: Dedicated servers are always on and ready, eliminating wait times associated with starting machines on-demand.

  • Faster Load Times: Projects load faster, providing a seamless experience for your audience.

  • Regional Selection: You can select the region for your dedicated servers, optimizing performance and reducing latency for your target audience. By default, our on-demand servers are located in the US, but dedicated servers offer flexibility to choose the most suitable region for your needs.

  • Ensured Availability: Dedicated servers ensure that your resources are available whenever you need them, ideal for high-traffic periods or important presentations.


Using dedicated servers costs 6 tokens per minute. This premium service is designed for users who require guaranteed performance and availability, making it a valuable investment for professional creators, studios, and anyone needing consistent, high-quality streaming capabilities.

Choose dedicated servers to elevate your pixel streaming experience with Arcane Mirage, ensuring your projects are always available and perform at their best.

To know more or acquire this service please contact us.

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