🪧2. Choose Your Subscription

Which subscription plan is the best for you?

A brief overview of the subscription tiers:

Understanding Your Subscription: Our subscription plans are crafted to support various types of users, from hobbyists and individual creators to larger enterprises and innovators. Each tier is tailored with specific features and capabilities to meet your project needs and enhance your streaming experience.

Free Trial

Our Trial plan is perfect for anyone curious about pixel streaming and looking to explore the capabilities of Arcane Mirage. This free option allows users to get a taste of our platform's features without any financial commitment. Ideal for beginners who want to start their creative journey and see what pixel streaming is all about.

Pixel Artificer

Designed for individual creators, the Independent “Pixel Artificer” plan is suited for those who are serious about their craft but do not require extensive resources. At $24.99 USD per month, this plan offers more project slots and tokens, allowing creators to work on multiple projects simultaneously. It’s an excellent choice for hobbyists and freelancers who need reliable performance and access to enhanced features.

Reality Weaver

The Pro “Reality Weaver” subscription is tailored for experienced artists and professional creators who need a robust platform to showcase their portfolios and deliver client projects. Priced at $89.99 USD per month, this plan provides a significant increase in resources, including more project slots and tokens, along with additional professional features like the Pro Badge and iframe embedding with a platform watermark. It’s ideal for professionals looking to elevate their work, make tests and engage with clients on your own terms.

Engine Overlord

Our Studio “Engine Overlord” plan is designed for studios of all sizes seeking comprehensive access to all Arcane Mirage features. At $150 USD per month, this top-tier plan offers the maximum number of project slots, tokens, and project size allowances, along with advanced features like custom events, clean iframe embedding, and dedicated server options. It’s perfect for studios that require extensive resources and support to manage multiple large-scale projects and deliver high-quality content efficiently.

Our subscription tiers are designed to provide flexibility and scalability, allowing you to maximize your creative output and efficiently manage your streaming resources. For further details on each tier or assistance with custom configurations, please contact our customer support.

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