Vulkan RHI issues (Linux)

Arcane Mirage at the moment only supports Linux packages which uses Vulkan RHI.

Known issues

  • Hardware Raytracing is not supported.

  • DLSS is not supported.

  • SM6 features are not supported. Unreal Engine version 5.3 and above can activate SM6 for Linux.

  • Panning textures are not supported.

  • Virtual shadow maps can occasionally have visual issues.

  • Nanite double-sided foliage renders incorrectly.

  • Nanite meshes with display incorrectly in version 5.3 and above if SM6 is not enabled.

  • MetaHumans will crash the application at run-time.

  • Some plugins don't work with Linux compile

You can test previewing your project with Vulkan RHI. Just go to Project Settings, type RHI in the search bar and change the Windows Target RHI for Vulkan.

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