Vulkan RHI issues (Linux)

Arcane Mirage at the moment only supports Linux packages which uses Vulkan RHI.

Known issues

  • Hardware Raytracing is not supported.

  • DLSS is not supported.

  • SM6 features are not supported. Unreal Engine version 5.3 and above can activate SM6 for Linux.

  • Panning textures are not supported.

  • Virtual shadow maps can occasionally have visual issues.

  • Nanite double-sided foliage renders incorrectly.

  • Nanite meshes with display incorrectly in version 5.3 and above if SM6 is not enabled.

  • MetaHumans will crash the application at run-time.

You can test previewing your project with Vulkan RHI. Just go to Project Settings, type RHI in the search bar and change the Windows Target RHI for Vulkan.

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