🪟Prepare your Unreal Engine project for Windows

Preparing an Unreal Engine Project for Windows

  • Unreal Engine Version: Make sure you're working with version 5.2 or higher. The platform works with any Unreal 5 version but from 5.2 onward Epic Games released several improvements to the Pixel Streaming architecture.

  • Enabling Pixel Streaming Plugin: This is a must-have setting. We'll guide you through this essential step to ensure your project is Arcane Mirage-ready.

Once you open your project go to: Edit → Plugins and search for Pixel Streaming, enable it.

Package your project

  • Zipping the 'Windows' Project Folder: Once everything is set, you'll zip up the project folder named 'Windows'. Feel free to rename this zipped file to something distinctive and recognizable, especially if you plan on uploading new versions later. (Packaging for 'Shipping' is best if it's the final version of the project)

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