4. Upload your project

Uploading Your Project to the Platform

Uploading to Arcane Mirage is a simple process, once you prepared your project for either Windows or Linux follow these steps (the example shown below is for Windows but will work the same for Linux packages).

  1. First select your type of package:

  1. Select your projects visibility, if it's public it will be showcased on our Homepage. If the project is set to Private it won't be showcase on our Homepage and you will be able to generate private links for different users.

  2. Upload the project that you prepared.

  3. Once you start uploading a progress bar will show on the upper left-hand side of your project settings. Here you can start to complete the description page while the project uploads.

  4. The next step is the project configuration. The fields are explained in the settings but here is an additional note for our 'Capture Mouse' feature: - Capture Mouse: Enables or disables capturing the mouse cursor from your Unreal Engine experience. This means you will use the cursor configured in your Unreal Engine project, used by the server hosting the experience, if you have trouble making displaying the mouse cursor in the Unreal Engine experience please refer to this part of our documentation

  5. Here you can set the session configuration, you can leave them as is to try the values out, the default values are: - AFK Timeout: 30 seconds. - Session duration limit: No limit, every user will be able to experience your project an indefinite amount of time.

  6. Select your GPU. In the example below (Windows upload) we have two GPU options available which offers High and Ultra specs.

  7. Congratulations you finished! Press the "Finish" button located on the lower right-hand side of your console and enjoy having your project on the web

  8. The first time your project uploads it will show as "Pending" on its status, this means it will take a few minutes for it to be ready for visualization. Just wait until it a green checkmark appears to be able to visualize it.

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