How to use Media Textures in Arcane Mirage

When compiling for Linux we use Bink Media Player to stream textures at run-time, this is because Unreal Engine media manager does not handle the media types correctly when the project is compiled for Linux. To convert your .mp4 (or other format like mkv) video to Bink format follow this documentation provided by Unreal Engine official documentation here:

Once you have the .bk2 file, add it to your content folder and add a folder named "Movies", place the file there. Open the project and enable the Bink Media plugin

Right click the context browser and create a "Bink Media Player" is under the miscellaneous.

Once you created the Bink Media Player select the .bk2 from your machine.

Once the Media Player is set up, create a media texture and drag and drop that actor into your desired mesh, this will create a material in which the video will play.

Package your project as Linux and it should work!

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