😎Embedding to your Website

Available for Weavers and Exemplars.

Player Embedding: Direct Unreal Engine Integration on Your Website

Available exclusively for Reality Weaver Tier members and above, player embedding represents a significant leap in seamless integration technology. This feature allows you to embed your Unreal Engine project directly onto your website, offering your clients an immersive, uninterrupted experience without having to leave your site.

Steps to Enable Player Embedding:

  1. Access Your Code Snippet: In your creator console, locate a unique code snippet specifically generated for your project. Consider this your exclusive access key.

  2. Define Your Player's Domain: Specify where your player will be active, whether on your own site or a third-party domain. This step ensures smooth operation and control over the player’s location.

  3. Customization Options: Tailor the #am-container style to align with your design preferences. Adjust width, height, and more to seamlessly integrate the player into your site’s aesthetic.

Implementing the Code: To implement this feature, go to your project settings and click on "Embed Project." Here, you will find the code customized for your project, ready to be integrated into your website.

  1. Parameters Auto-Filled: The creator console automatically completes essential parameters for you, streamlining the embedding process.

  2. Hide UI: Let's you hide Arcane Mirage's UI like the fullscreen or sound button.

  3. Enable Unreal Events: This allows the communication between the Unreal Engine experience to the website front-end

  4. Autoplay: This allows for the UE experience to run as soon as it's ready, skipping the loading video. (loading video feature only available for Pro+ subscriptions)

  5. Insecure Embedding: With this checked on you don't have to specify an embedding domain to run your player.

  6. Arcane Mirage Player Examples: Visit Arcane Mirage's GitHub page for practical examples and insights on using the Arcane Mirage player.

Assistance Available: Regardless of your coding expertise, our support team is ready to assist. Feel free to reach out for guidance at any stage of the process.

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