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Uploading Your Project to the Platform

Uploading to Arcane Mirage is a simple process, in this section we go through it step by step:

  1. Upload a Thumbnail: Put your best face forward by clicking on the default image to select the perfect thumbnail. Choose something that captures the essence of your project!

  1. Upload Your Project: This is the big moment! Select the zipped file from your PC and hit the "Upload" button. Your masterpiece is on its way.

  1. Select Your Setup: All machines have a 4 Core CPU and 16GB RAM, but you get to pick the GPU that suits your project best. Choose from:

  • QUADRO RTX 4000 (8GB VRAM): Ideal for small projects and getting started on your creative journey.

  • RTX A4000 (16GB VRAM): A versatile choice that's ready for most projects. Whether big or small, it's got you covered!

  • RTX A5000 (24GB VRAM): Built for professional and demanding projects. When you need a little extra oomph, this is your go-to.

  • RTX A6000 (48GB VRAM): For insanely big projects and creative masterpieces that know no bounds.

  1. Customize Your Project's Presence:

  • URL Epic Games: Got an Epic Store URL related to your project? Add it here. If not, just leave it blank.

  • Advanced settings:

Want to keep things exclusive? Select this option, and your project won't show on our platform's homepage. You'll get a temporary URL for private sharing.

Capture mouse is for when you manage your cursor inside the experience! This will disable the mouse cursor from your computer.

Enable mic if your experience needs microphone input.

  1. Need Help? No Problem!

The rest of the fields are pretty self-explanatory, but if anything has you scratching your head, we're just a click away on our Discord channel or contact our support and we will be happy to help!

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