Tips to Optimize your Unreal Engine Projects

At Arcane Mirage we understand that making your project work smoothly is a challenge. Here is a small list of things to look at for optimizing your project:

  1. Texture Size: Large textures can consume a significant amount of memory and bandwidth. Consider reducing the resolution of the textures, especially those that do not require high detail.

  2. Light Actors: An excessive number of light sources can severely impact performance. Try minimizing the number of active lights in your scene or switch to fewer stationary or static lights if possible.

  3. Mesh Density: High-density meshes can be taxing on performance. Use the Nanite feature wisely to manage complex geometries or consider simplifying some of the meshes.

  4. Material Performance: Optimize shaders and materials by avoiding complex material setups and reducing the number of texture samples where possible.

  5. Culling: Use distance culling to hide objects that are far from the camera, or not seen. Reducing the number of objects the engine needs to render at any one time.

  6. Shadow Optimization: Reduce shadow resolution or limit the distance at which shadows are cast.

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