🪧2. Select your subscription plan

A brief overview of the subscription tiers:

Understanding Your Subscription: The Power Behind the Tiers 🚀

Whether you're a dreamer, a creator, or an innovator, our subscription tiers are designed to empower you. Trial accounts come with 30 minutes of stream time, 3gb maximum allowed project size and 1 project slot.

Projects: Size and Scope at Your Fingertips 🎨

Depending on the tier you choose, you'll have a diverse range of project sizes (.zip) and numbers of projects. Whether a humble masterpiece or a grand collection, there's room for your creativity.

Tokens: Your Streaming Timekeeper ⏰

Tokens are like golden keys to your streaming kingdom. Each tier comes with a starting treasure of tokens, replenished monthly, defining the streaming time across your projects. Spend them wisely!

Token Consumption per GPU: Efficiency and Brilliance 💡

Different GPUs have different tastes in tokens:

  • QUADRO RTX 4000: A light appetite at 1 Token per minute. (comes with 4 physical CPU cores)

  • RTX A4000: Hungrier with 2 Tokens per minute. (comes with 8 physical CPU cores)

  • RTX A5000: A gourmet choice at 3 Tokens per minute. (comes with 10 physical CPU cores)

  • RTX A6000: A feast for insanely big projects at 5 Tokens per minute. (comes with 12 physical CPU cores)

All of the configurations come with 16GB RAM, For custom configurations contact us!

Embedding: Get your Unreal Engine experience to your own website.

Tokens in Action: A Real-World Example 🎬

Imagine you're stepping into our popular 'Reality Weaver' subscription:

  • Start With: 1750 Tokens, refilled monthly (have 3500 in the second month if you save them!).

  • Your Projects: Project 'A' (RTX A4000) and Project 'B' (Quadro RTX 4000), each up to 16GB in size.

  • The Consumption: If someone explores Project A for 10 minutes, it costs 20 tokens, and Project B for 15 minutes costs 15 tokens. A total adventure costing 35 tokens from your treasure chest!

Watch your tokens in the lower left corner of your creator console, and see your dreams streamed to the world!

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