☁️3. Uploading your first project

Uploading Your First Project.

At Arcane Mirage, our project upload process is streamlined into three succinct steps, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience for all levels of Unreal Engine users. Initially, users access the project portal to initiate the upload, followed by the transfer of project files, which supports various formats and sizes in line with Unreal Engine standards. The final stage involves an automatic system verification post-upload, confirming the success and providing a project summary report. For any complexities or issues, extensive resources and dedicated technical support are readily available, embodying Arcane Mirage's commitment to technical excellence and ease of use.

Preparing your project for Linux

To ensure your Unreal Engine project is compatible with Linux on the Arcane Mirage platform, it is essential to compile it specifically for the Linux environment. This process is a fundamental requirement and has been streamlined for your convenience. Our comprehensive guide is designed to facilitate this procedure, making it straightforward and manageable. By following these structured steps, you will effectively prepare your project for seamless Linux integration within our platform.

🐧pageFor Linux

Preparing your project for Windows

To optimize your Unreal Engine project for Windows on Arcane Mirage, ensure it's compiled specifically for Windows. This approach guarantees compatibility with our platform and enhances both plugin and feature compatibility within the Windows ecosystem. Our succinct guide facilitates this process, allowing you to take full advantage of the broad range of plugins and features available in the Windows environment on Arcane Mirage.

🪟pageFor Windows

Preparing an Unreal Engine Project

Preparing your project for Arcane Mirage is streamlined to ensure readiness and optimal performance. Leveraging our extensive resources and dedicated community support, we facilitate a smooth transition of your project onto our platform, ensuring it's fully equipped to excel in its deployment.

⚒️pagePrepare your Unreal Engine project for Linux

Uploading Your Project to the Platform

Uploading your project to Arcane Mirage is designed to be a simple and straightforward process, requiring just a few clicks. Our platform intuitively guides you through each step, ensuring your creation is smoothly transitioned and ready for global exposure.

pageUpload your project

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